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Advisers in Mortgages
Specialists in Protection

Income Protection 


Here at AC Mortgage & Financial Exchange we pride ourselves not just on our professionalism and quality of work but as being friendly and approachable. We know that mortgages and insurance can be pretty intimidating which is why our team is handpicked, not just for their experience or because of how good at their job they are but because we know they can put our clients at ease and will always go that extra mile to make sure that their experience with AC Mortgage & Financial Exchange is first class. ​Meet our team of Mortgage Advisers & Protection Specialists.


*For Accident, Sickness and Unemployment plans we act as introducers only.

Imagine if you or your partner were unable to work due to injury, illness or even redundancy, do you know how you’d pay your bills? It’s not a nice thing to have to worry about and at the time can cause untold stress.

Here at AC Mortgage & Financial Exchange we don’t want you to have to worry about the what if’s, we want you to enjoy your life and let us take care of the rest. Our Income Protection Insurance can offer you and your family security in uncertain times. Income Protection Insurance covers some of your lost income and helps you keep up with the day to day costs of living until you’re back on your feet.

Give yourself and your family peace of mind by contacting our specialist insurance team today.

We select products based on an analysis of a number of insurers.


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